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To be or not to be..."the making of a doctor"
2010-03-05 21:41:09

The process of becoming a medical doctor is not easy. Traditional medical education will demand daily attendance of lectures, laboratory and long exams and quizzes from 7 am to 7pm leaving evening as the only time available for truly learning the trade. However, large scale scientific studies have shown that only 10% effective learning takes place in lecture rooms or elsewhere in the medical school and 90% learning happens when the medical students are alone, in small or large groups, outside lecture or laboratory rooms and given enough resources and stimulated by problems to be solved. Hence, the "problem based" learning curriculum was formulated. Medicine for a long time was thought along the line of the biomedical model which abided that it was cure of diseases that was important and hence medical education and training was focused on diseases and hospitals. Modern medicine however have seen that apart from biomedical model was the bio-social model saying that diseases and cure are surrounded by equally significant factors related to psychosocial and environmental issues and hence "community medicine" came in to being. The Ateneo de Zamboanga University - School of Medicine (ADZU-SOM) is proud to show this batch of board passers with one topnotcher born out of a purely PROBLEM-COMMUNITY based medical education graduating with MD-MPH degrees. KEEP it UP....ADZU-SOM.

By: Fidel Fernandez, MD


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